We are a songwriting collaboration, Copper Ridge Studio is just looking to get our music out to the public. We are based out of Southern New Jersey. Frank and I have been working on our new CD for 2 years now. We have finally polished the songs. And we are ready to release our music for radio play for promotion, we are hoping to build a solid fan base. We wrote the "As Beautiful Collection" by Copper Ridge Studio from many genres. So we could show abilities to write in many styles. We have many great muscians that worked with us. They have added their own personal sound to make "As Beautiful Collection" by Copper Ridge Studio an amazing CD. We have music for everyone. From dance, blues, jazz, adult contemporary, beautifully written and performed instrumentals. Our goal as Singer/Songwriters is to get our music out to new fans looking for new musical inspiration. Everyone has a story. We put ours to music. We hope to be played heavily on the East Coast- New Jersey as well as New York and the West Coast. MusicSubmit.com has been such a great help getting our previously released music to the very best radio stations for promotion. And we sincerely thank them for that. Please check us out. Give us a spin. We will try to capture your hearts with our music.

Sincere Thanks,

Jackie Ryks/Melini & Frank Maione - Copper Ridge Studio

Guest musicians:

*Dave Landry*-Guitars~Anything~Ba Dum~Odyssey~Reason To Believe~Smokin' Like Leopard~The Way that I Do~

*Leonard Breez* Rap Vocal Intro-Shake Your Body

*Nancy Cole*Sexy Spoken Word-Shake Your Body

*Jacqueline Melini* Vocal Fills

*Rick Trahan*Guitars-As Beautiful-When You Treat Me That Way-Where Did It go Wrong-Reason To Believe-2nd Lead Vocal-Duet

*Howard Isaacson*-Alto and Tenor Saxophone-Anything

*Rich Kurtz*-Bass-Ba Dum-Odyssey-Smokin' Like Leopard-

*Edgardo Cintron*-Percussion-Anything-Odyssey

*Doug Dresh*-Rhythm Guitar-Metal Ones

*Luke Palermo*- Lead Vocal-Metal Ones

*Don Shaw*-Lead Guitar-Metal Ones


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